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in Silicon Valley investors, analysts, China for them, first may be the billions of people in the market. Each mobile phone users to install a App, will be able to achieve a large number of user groups; each click on the ads, they will make a profit; each company to buy a device, they can IPO.

but these have Chinese Cidaoxianhong the entrepreneurs more than they understand China market. Silicon Valley bigwigs are afraid to pay little attention to the plight of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs face. We take a look at those across these entrepreneurs need to face the past Kaner what. Talk about the problem in this paper may not be strange to China Internet entrepreneurs, but on Silicon Valley readers did some Arabian Nights.

plagiarism or innovation

this is a country that lacks any protection for innovation.

from the path point of view, China’s plagiarism can be divided into at least: large companies to copy the big Silicon Valley companies, venture companies copying Silicon Valley startups, large companies copying small companies, small companies copied each other……

for Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, the most headache thing is China’s large Internet Co plagiarism. In what is "innovation" has no one, regardless of any real business environment and effective protection are hard to find in, even if you have innovation, bigger competitors can instantly rob your results. Some people may say, why not use legal weapons to protect themselves? You will find that the court have to beat each other — was criticized as "a few large Internet Co, already copied nature" to make no reply to the application for your patent, occupation interests of entrepreneurs face can only be at a loss what to do.

search in Google China Copycat, into the eyes of all kinds of criticism of the information, some people even raised the issue to the cultural level. Interestingly, "copy" notoriety seems to be dominated by entrepreneurs to bear, big companies may not care too much. You can despise them on a moral level, but they are still the ultimate winners. Dancing with shackles of entrepreneurs even the survival problem, accusing them of "plagiarism" meaning is really small, just in pain.

perhaps, the difference between plagiarism or innovation is no longer important, it is important whether you can create value for users. It is a question whether there is a need for Chinese users to be able to use the excellent services that are shielded from GFW.

GFW brings obstacles

GFW first law: as long as the user generated content (User-generated content, UGC) foreign sites will be harmonious.