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network means of payment after the mature development of the website had been to audio, video or other content directly to customers, but this idea has not achieved large-scale success, now people just sell their respective Arts content.

at the end of 2011 talk show performer Louis C.K. to $5 / share price to sell their performance video, $1 million in 12 days, more and more independent producers are trying to bypass the traditional distribution channels, movies, their own to sell, but the payment mode is single (Amazon, Paypal), did not provide a platform a website for these people to sell their content.

Pivotshare is expected to become such a platform, it is a new website, currently supports text, audio, video content, it just got $1 million from TownsgateMedia in the A round of financing.

content manufacturers want to use the site for sale, you need to submit an application, will be used in the current content distribution channels, the results of samples, content classification to inform the site. Fortunately, the content classification is not limited to comedy or talk, some of it almost support YouTube classification, and the use of Pivotshare sales activities do not need to spend any upfront costs, it is only by pumping into sales.

Pivotshare hopes to reduce the threshold of this sales model, so that most content creators can profit from their own work.