lead: All in is the Dezhou poker bet all the chips in the initiative. The departure from Taobao to Taobao alone, independent from the platform, June’s two major All in and Taobao.

when gameplay changes, who dare to make changes, zhuangshiduanwan, who have a slim chance of survival.


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All in is the Dezhou poker in the play, the idea of taking the initiative to bet on all chips.

was born in 1981, looks like a college graduate, always a smiling face June said he has always been good at All in. 2013, he completed the largest since the start of the All in: so that the shopping guide site mogujie.com from Taobao side of the famous supporting role (shopping guide website) turned into the protagonist – a female apparel online shopping platform.

women’s electricity supplier industry is the highest profit of a gold mine. Four years ago, mogujie.com rely on Taobao platform for its crazy mining, and then become one of the most popular Taobao customers. Four years later, it is pulled to Taobao’s small businesses in their own platform, and a harvest of Taobao, for taking on new game platform.

has predicted that the transition to mogujie.com, but did not think so "zhuangshiduanwan". All in means that do have a ready pen event, June received a $200 million financing and $1 billion valuation, a package under the entire office building, the staff has doubled, even for new 9 ~ 12 layer for future expansion to prepare.

departure from Taobao to Taobao alone, independent from the platform, June’s two major All in and Taobao. Can he win this time,


refused Ali $200 million acquisition behind

said that compared with rival mogujie.com’s story is more beautiful, harsh: all the way in close contact with Taobao, but the founding team of more than 2/3 members from Taobao.

in early 2013, mogujie.com UV nearly 4 million per day, PV nearly two hundred million. As a focus on women’s apparel shopping website, from here into Taobao’s traffic has been very impressive, get from the Taobao platform daily commission can reach 500 thousand ~ 600 thousand yuan.

this team enough electricity supplier, but also keen enough. June came to Taobao after graduation, continuously for 6 years, and was promoted to senior manager (M3); CTO Yue Xuqiang was the chief architect of Taobao, Daniel accepted; COO Wei a stroke is June university students, after graduation worked for ZTE, he is also the earliest June pulled out of the venture partners; and later joined but Li Yanzhu, senior staff in the transition exit before Taobao.

refers to the so-called sharp enough, mogujie.com has been the most popular Pinterest use the waterfall flow to the display of goods destroyed other women’s website "one article is divided into 10 page" rules, and before Sina micro-blog.