recently entrepreneurs, angel investors David Hauser released an article to share about whether it should be the idea of entrepreneurship as a secret hidden in the heart of the problem, the article is as follows:

in the business circles, transparency is certainly a popular word, now many companies are sharing with each other were considered to be top secret things, such as: network traffic source, treatment of employees, the project management process.

this transparent style is very good, allowing entrepreneurs to build a vibrant community, help each other, and ultimately their own business success.

but there are a lot of entrepreneurs believe that such mutual exchange of information, will make their own business down the road. In fact, when I was an apprentice, I was always worried that too much leakage of the company’s secrets would put us in danger. Because I thought it would have been easier for us to get over our competitors if they knew we were doing business. But now it seems that I was wrong. While revealing some of the secret information will be some costs, but the benefits are still much larger. Here are a few reasons, often make people think of the business as a secret to keep secret, but these ideas are too far away from the reality, let us analyze one by one.

misunderstanding 1: others will steal your company

once you have a good business idea, and then think of others before, you should strictly keep this secret right. In fact, not necessarily, in fact, many people have already had a similar idea with you. For example, in the past year, suddenly the carpool application so much, Uber, Hailo, Lyft and so on, as well as other areas.

you can also think of your ideas as a secret, but if this is a good idea, it is likely that someone has done the same thing. On transparency, you can look at the social content tool Buffer, look at its blog content, you can feel the great charm of transparency. It introduces a lot of skills that anyone, including his competitors, can see. So Buffer will worry about others to steal the contents of its blog?. Communities built through transparency are more important than one or two ideas.

so if you talk to others about what you think, you’re likely to get a lot of valuable feedback.

misunderstanding 2: the idea is everything

a lot of entrepreneurs believe that their idea is to be able to distinguish them from their competitors, but in fact, only the entrepreneur’s own quality is the key factor.

in order to prove this, let’s give an example of a ten year old Facebook, which was first used by students at the Harvard University, and then spread to others