by a combination of B2B, C2C e-commerce service provider platform – Taobao, a large number of individuals and business users will choose it to promote and sell their own products. Small left to buy a few pieces of product in Taobao yesterday, but in the transaction process, deeply felt: if the enterprise to carry out enterprise network marketing by Taobao, there are a lot of things is still worth noting, following the author will explain the process of shopping on their own, there is something which gradually analysis should pay attention to.

first, the seller’s service attitude is not good enough to ignore the potential customer consulting


in the Taobao shopping platform, usually in their own fancy love products, and then to the specific matters of sellers consultation of products and services; the bad is the only two sets of clothes in the Taobao store, respectively. Specific to the seller consultation, completely by two reception service:

I want

through communication, send a message to a seller, TA for a long time to reply to the author (business really busy right?), and I want to know the specific circumstances of the suit, the seller asked the author to take clothes to work. I want to say: Although photographed clothes can cancel the order, but you need to have this kind of service attitude to deal with your customers? Another seller is relatively good, I quickly replied, and have all the problems, such as: the patient reply to the author of the product quality, delivery and so on, at last I chose this shop.

two, the company did not make good use of a single page full display products

in Taobao, each product page is very important to make full use of the single page, with sufficient information, can reduce user consultation time; such as business to sell a set of clothes, TA detailed product information on the page: cloth, dress code number, delivery etc..

, however, the author looks at some of the company’s stores and finds that there are only a few documents and pictures, and the following information is the navigation information for other products. This approach will only distract users attention and conversion rate, the user can not fully understand the specific situation of products, potential customers consultation time longer; also let I feel even more of these shops "professional" — because of what you want to allow the user to buy which products


three, do businesses need is integrity, good service and reputation

the author found that: in order to improve the conversion rate of enterprises, some of the products on the page with a very beautiful picture to attract and retain users. I have been a beautiful picture to attract, then orders, clothes to hand, physical and pictures have a certain gap, but the quality of clothes is very bad (a lot of lint, clothes a little dirty, not ironed, no packaging wrap), it was really a cold snack. Although, can be returned, but no, the return postage or dozens of…

do not know how many businesses still provide such services: the picture and the physical gap, or even inconsistent, marketing