the reason why many people fail in life is that they don’t know what they are going to do. I once met a friend, because they were not satisfied with their work, he came to me. His goal in life is to find a satisfactory job, improve their living situation. He lives only to make his family live well.

I asked him, "what do you really want to do?" he said, "I don’t know. I just know my goal is not what it is. I said, "have you tried anything else?" he said, "I think, but I’m worried that the job is lost and that the new job is not as good as it is now.". I said: do you think you have a promising future in this job?. So I hesitate. I said: you don’t get rid of shilly-shally problems, then you will be a lifetime of mediocrity.

Only one

is not successful people lack than successful people, is innovation and courage! I also like you, an ordinary college students. There is no steady job, living in the dark, damp rental. Dream of one day to rise head and shoulders above others, homecoming. In fact they have no passion for life and dream, busy day. On the network to find a lot of part-time, code, post, garbage station, click the alliance. Two years later I still have nothing. The worst thing is cheated by friends to play every color, lost in a complete mess, was really desperate, not a bit of confidence in life.

I was in bed for two days, a meal not eaten, the brain was awake, I repeatedly asked myself, why people can be successful, but I was always hovering on the brink of success, everything I have done repeatedly to reflect on their own, from the beginning to quit working stand long to do, garbage station, and finally to be K, to be s.s.c cheat, everything and film in an instant replay, I suddenly figured out why


the reason is very simple, I have been talking with someone else’s pace, whether it is from the beginning of the station, dream weaving system, to the later station software, I can only follow others blindly and way of thinking, there is no innovation, the result is often not in a network army in the quagmire of talent shows itself. Naturally will not make money, since the decision to come back, I still want to find the most familiar industry.

what am I most familiar with?


I think of a word, you fell from where the climb up! Where do I fall? S.s.c my mind, a moment like being struck by lightning, since black color platform so much, why don’t I do a black color evaluation website, let the game player can find a reputable I hurriedly platform? Baidu, very good, the highest ranked competitor scanty, PR is only 1! I like to see a bright future, found a hidden in the jungle of my own success!

wants to do it, I’m starting