currently on the Internet to do local industry sites have successful cases, like the Zhengzhou home improvement network to do a good job, the site is very successful, the site did make money. So many people have followed, but also want to create a feat on the Internet, dig a gold mine. Some people develop their own programs to build the site, as well as people spend money to buy pirated web site to build programs, many of whom are college students. How much is the content of the website that everyone knows the original?. You collect me, I collect his. Now how many people are these owners are making money? I’m afraid they only know their own hearts.

a web site, as large as a network of enterprises can be successful, not the webmaster network technology is how superb, but in his management capabilities, at least he has a certain operation, marketing capabilities. Alibaba’s Ma Yun technology may not have all the webmaster superb, but he can achieve a huge network empire. Where is his ability? He has long team management ability; he has a marketing experience (he once went from door to door selling network page); he can talk rapidly, every "show" Ma Yun will not disappoint the audience, Ma Yun’s speech is full of idealism, has incendiarypower very strong.

maybe Ma and we are not comparable, he is a genius leader, but as long as we make money over to a well-off life. But is this money is not just to earn, to weigh their ability in this regard. A local industry Web site is much more important than online kung fu kung fu. Zhengzhou home improvement network as a local industry site is relatively successful, we take Zhengzhou home improvement network to compare their own analysis. It is not the webmaster computer network professional training, he is the first identity of doing business. Web design, art has just started looking for someone to do. A successful operation and management of the site you have these qualities he has a strong ability to communicate with government departments and industry associations. You can cooperate and decoration quality supervision Association? You have the ability to organize large group purchase activities? Local industry website Google alone provides advertising and other advertising advertising revenue is not enough, so you need to have a strong sales ability, flicker. You can use gab to pull advertising? Do you have the ability of team management? Website to update to the acquisition, there should be an important site clerk, profits from the local dealer advertising, so there must be a salesman selling site pull advertising business, these only on your own is not enough, you need a team. Sina, Sohu, Tencent, the national portals have their own trade channels, each provinces portal industry sector, by virtue of their strong support to traffic industry sector, you have much ability from a slice? If purely from a technical perspective, SEO, is one of the most important keywords a successful website, but this is not the only.

the Internet provides a platform for us to build business roots, but we can not blindly, only with passion. To look at his long and short board, to find their own, that is the best or >!