Qihoo won millions of dollars in additional investment Web2.0 favored search mode

daily news (reporter Luo Tian) reporter learned yesterday, Chinese search portal network Qihoo (www.qihoo.com) once again won the favor of venture capitalists, investment of more than one million dollars. The industry generally believe that this is the community search mode once again recognized by the investment community.

in fact, Qihoo network first round of investment in March has ended. Qihoo from Sequoia investment (Sequoia Capital), IDGVC, CDH ventures and angel investor Zhou Hongyi for a total of 20 million investment.

according to internal sources, the investment risk is not Qihoo second financing, but an American investment company came to the door, additional investment. Although Qihoo President Qi Xiangdong did not comment on the matter. However, the reporter through the investment community multi inquire, informed investors additional is likely to be one of KP, Matrix Partner and Sequoia Capital Sequoia tied for the world’s three VC.

the day before yesterday, China MSN just choose the Qihoo as a content partner, now it was rumored to get additional investment news. A Chinese investment analysts told reporters that "a series of recent situation, Web2.0 is really a hot investment. In particular, the community search, vertical search site classification performance is very eye-catching. In general, after the end of the first financing, the new investors to enter additional investment, operating costs. If it is not very optimistic about the future of the company’s profit model, generally do so rarely."