website operation COO responsibility ability table


Original: Wang Zhaoxian


website capabilities:

1.                    overall layout: the analysis of the layout of the structure of the 30 classic web site, home page structure, sub page structure, page structure, and related links.

2.                    UI: the interface design, analysis of the 20 "style, collecting and studying color structure of the content, at least 100 different styles of" view.

3.                    website structure: ability to draw the whole structure of a web site in the written branch structure, modules, and related links and content. Requirements to draw the design structure of the two medium-sized Web site, the relationship and relationship between.


excellent: according to the external structure of the website, external URL can analyze the structure of the website, and know its design.

through the website structure, the development of its future can be how much.


technical capabilities:

1.                    understand the technical aspects of the impact on the site platform, know what kind of server platform should be what kind of standard. Requirements to understand the Internet commonly used systems, three platforms, windows, Linux, UNIX, and its application.

2.                  understand the three big code structure, ASP, PHP, JSP various advantages and disadvantages, know its application.

3.                  to understand the application level structure of the three databases, access, sqlserver, mysql, each data characteristics and structure of the  .


excellent: any website design at a glance, for any data >