make money is almost every webmaster dream, especially Taobao guest webmaster, the purpose is obvious. In order to achieve this goal, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong. Today I would like to make liberty rebate network as an example and friends discuss together play an important role in the promotion of QQ guest website in Taobao.

we all know that the relationship between the site’s revenue and IP is very large, there is no IP site is no vitality, but the income and IP is not an absolute positive relationship. I often see the webmaster in Taobao customer complaint forum, said IP how much, how much is PV, there is no order, no conversion rate would not return, IP is often said too little, people seem to be busy. There are also a number of Taobao friends directly asked me why the conversion rate is low, asked me how to improve the conversion rate, I asked how they are promoting. The results make me dizzy. Most of them are good forum, is a little soft, almost no promotion qq. Under the wise, their reason is QQ promotion is a waste of time. Sometimes chat for a long time people will not online shopping, it is not useless. Have such a strong utilitarian heart in time, how can you promote

dense willow trees and bright flowers!

Taobao customer promotion is not a temporary meeting of things, is a long-term project. How can I hurry. One of my friends doing so to promote liberty rebate network, did not start with QQ, he is quite good original soft Wen promotion, a month, included, IP, even the ranking has improved significantly, but is not a single business, was very distressed. I let him use QQ promotion, a week later, although there is no change in IP, but he has developed 41 members, Taobao turnover of 11 pen, mall turnover of 4 pen. This is the power of QQ.

We can see the power of the promotion of

QQ, you can also pay attention to the promotion of the method strategy. Can’t come straight to the point. Come to ask your online shopping? I’ll give you a rebate network, what website has a rebate, let a person see your motives, you say he can listen to? Skills QQ promotion method is very important. We need to skillfully introduce each other into our encirclement. Chat when many people will ask "what busy?" we can answer, "I am letting liberty rebate network buy a what" then see each other how to say, we can tell whether he is not our target user, there is no possibility of development.

we can also find the target site. Play, chat, while looking for. Talk about hobbies, chat friends, chat skills. For example you are yellow, double integral, the person may ask you, you can say, I Q I bought is not, in the rebate network shopping website let liberty to send me, if interested in each other, is our goal, it won’t run away.

come straight to the point target. I just said that the most time to avoid this chat, can be used in the search for a target is also very good, such as today you have time, but your friends are not