I’m not even a rookie webmaster, said to do stand, only know some simple HTML. But the easy work, poor salary let me have a new career ideas in the course of time, took a fancy to the Tao guest promotion, please do a set of procedures, is Taobao Shopping for Refund, master station garbage I don’t laugh, I limited the level of. This station is my first and only one station, so choose Amoy promotion, feel a large amount of this need, is relatively good, well below the point.

yesterday when my mother saw the forum shopping Amoy promotion and a new search box, took a look at the demo, seems on the surface, than the previous search box pretty many, but also can change the size of your own website, may be arbitrary. After the importation of goods, but also more than the previous search box function. I don’t know if other friends have noticed a thing from the search box to enter the Taobao station, the browser address bar behind the promotion of your PID, but after the classification of the search results to choose other goods, PID disappeared, which means that our hard to find customers if you do not buy search commodity, but the choice of other categories of goods, so we have finished it.