Google AdSense application is becoming more and more difficult, as before, is a station (station) on the line, now is different, just take a stand you absolutely not Shen repeatedly apply for GG, based on personal experience, the steps are as follows:

1, GG for the selected web site is very important, the best website PR value is equal to 1 more than 1 domain, the domain name space you must have in the permissions (very important)


more details:

domain name ownership: we have reviewed your application, and affirmed the quality of your site,

look forward to your good cooperation with us after joining AdSense. In the final approval of your application, we need to further confirm your ownership of the site, in order to better serve you in the future.

Create a page

so please in your root directory, and paste "I confirm my ownership of the XXX statement of this website, this website also confirmed to comply with the Google AdSense plan policy and terms." To the page, and then the web page as the application of the " Web site " re submit the application. We will check your application for the first time, and notify you of the application in time.

we look forward to your early accession to the AdSense, to become our quality publisher! Thank you for your understanding and support of our work, I wish you all the best!


(this is a letter I received from Google AdSense)

2, fill out the application information, name, address, etc..

3, it is so simple, waiting for GG through your application, it is two to four days, up to a week on it.


is my summary, I hope to apply for the majority of Google AdSense friends help!