for all the chips suddenly hot, the specific content of most people is likely to "hot" no concept of what, in addition to every kind of the chips cafe, all the chips in the end where the fire? More likely to make a difference in what aspects? The inventory of the public to raise 6 of the fire field.


1 Public

public offering may be raised in the field of public participation in the field of the largest number of people, while the public to raise the public as a separate classification, or one of the main modes of public chips. Raise public and public in many places have in common, but generally speaking, all the chips of the project must meet or exceed the target amount is within a preset time promoters, have a specific time and amount limit, or failure to raise the public, the funds raised would be refunded. This is very different from the general public welfare. Most of the project to raise the public require sponsors must return to supporters, and other areas of the public to raise more equity, bonds, cash and in kind is different, the reward is to raise the public welfare activities to commemorate the postcards, badges, photos and other than practical feedback.

way to raise public welfare, in some ways to promote the development of public welfare undertakings. For example, all the chips requires the establishment of close ties between the supporters and sponsors, not to make money to get away with a one-time donation, this relationship is conducive to supervision and implementation of public projects. In addition, many of the main supporters of public welfare projects in the past is rich, transparency and openness of some public projects is still limited. The public to raise the open mode of operation, not only to facilitate more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, but also to stimulate the creative type of public welfare projects, promote the development of public welfare forms and modes of operation.

2 technology

thanks to the smart hardware market and the concept of hot, technology has become one of the most popular areas of public offering. Recently announced restructuring smart new limited pre order platform named time, as the country’s first all chip platform, the most successful business is intelligent hardware and starting all the chips.

science and technology in the field of public offerings are mostly products to raise the public, followed by the public to raise science and technology projects. Science and technology product of all the chips is able to heat up, partly thanks to the public in recent years in the field of science and technology high degree of concern; and on the other hand it is because most new fun technology products, in line with the public interest in novelty seeking psychology, science and technology and a single product of all the funds raised are moderate, can get a real kind, for those who love science and technology, raise the public is certainly a good way to participate in the technical process of the invention to the.

3 venture

entrepreneurship is the focus of the public sector in terms of equity category. Whether it is offline stores or online products, the public has become a lot of people to achieve the ideal way to achieve entrepreneurial dream. For investors, the new venture Road for capital attraction is not a day for two days, all the chips can help investors looking for outstanding entrepreneurial team, many people at the same time a project investment, diversify investment risks, for entrepreneurs and investors.