we usually have several different social networking sites account, which brings us a lot of trouble. Not only update the trouble, more importantly, we share the content is very fragmented, would like to back up a lot of trouble. And in the event that these sites are down, our data may be gone, a serious problem.

has a lot of entrepreneurs have started to pay attention and try to solve this problem, the application of Woven as we reported yesterday a simultaneous management of multiple social sharing site photos, today we introduce to you a very good backup application – Recollect. Three former Flickr employees have been trying to solve the problem we mentioned earlier, they spent more than a year of research and development, and ultimately create a Recollect.

Recollect can help users to back up all their social data, such as tweets on Twitter, Foursquare sign on data, as well as users share photos on various social networking sites. In addition, Recollect also provides a very powerful search function, the user search is very convenient. For example, if you want to look for some time ago released on the Instagram photos of the dog, do not have to turn, the direct use of Recollect to search; if you want to find yourself before Foursquare tags in the best coffee shop, using Recollect to search a tweet; if you want to find out before, not another page the turn, with Recollect search.

This is

when many start-up companies launched a similar service, help users to backup their data, but before these applications and services are basically service specific, such as a dedicated backup Twitter tool, Recollect support services are more widely. At the same time, Recollect has discovered another feature of such applications, which they call "discovery" – to help users sort and mining their previously shared articles, photos and other content. Recollect in the backup data at the same time the user’s data statistics and visualization, automatic generation of fine statistical map (pictured below). At this point, Recollect is somewhat similar to Everyday.me and Timehop, such as time line generation applications. Recollect’s team is also continuing to improve Recollect. Christopher, founder of Recollect · (Christopher Martin) said they want to create a "smart backup" tool to help users browse and find their own previously shared content.