"a single 20 yuan, then, why not pick up, anyway idle is idle" if you are in the network the first single live? Do you have the base idea?


indeed, on a single network, then you dabble may be enough to eat two meals instant noodles, and you don’t run to the outside, do not give the customer the tea cigarette, do in front of the computer on the OK.

is for the convenience of network violence and low threshold, more and more people into the network, and a low price in the vicious competition, I often see the forum to do what 5 yuan, 20 yuan, but people still like the row of the dragon.

this phenomenon is worthy of attention, maybe today they received 300 yuan single, you reported a price of 50 yuan, you pick up, and you feel that you have earned, maybe tomorrow you encountered such a live 50, one to 30, 20, to the end of this single, you know the price is 20 dollars, you think, your original behavior is made, or to the whole industry has brought a large number of low malignant sequela? Jiehuo, leading to the last of your value is a day to eat, you also want to become bigger and stronger and forever for? You have the meal of instant noodles


imagine, if we all put knowledge, technology as a valuable thing, in a single, each to maintain a high profit, high service, high quality standards, in the end we will only earn.

an industry to flourish, to develop, is all people rely on in the industry together, think about it, what do people outside the company, a corporate website 2000 (in your eyes a morning received a 50 basic fix, block) if so, so many companies all early collapse. Is it your own splash or what? Someone else can do a few thousand dollars in the morning, you want to do in the morning that 50 yuan.

to write this article just want to awaken those who feel themselves, their knowledge, technology is a valuable person, for those who believe that doing so is to live, that their time, energy, technology can get the money but also self satisfied please throw rotten egg.