recently a lot of people ask me these questions, what kind of website can make money, what is the site of the site on what model to make money, make money? In fact, these problems not only to the beginning of the creation of the website is done for a long time the webmaster, is a very serious problem. Talk to you about some personal experience to do stand, if you talk about the mode and method, it is difficult, we must first be ready, so that others accept you, so you have to pay, the site can bring benefits.

here in the past few years to do personal experience to share with you

, a website to:

site, we are not unfamiliar, in the face of a wide variety of sites, we are always dazzling. There are always endless content and novelty. I always thought that I have such a good site. However, if you want to do a website, the website should first clear the purpose, is a hobby, want to make money, want to be famous…… Perhaps, these problems no thought, just want to be a fun, then give up the idea as early as possible, the site is not easy, not only need to invest a lot of time and energy (how much do the morning before sleep, in order to provide the latest information and content), but also investment funds (although not much however, it is money, buy a domain name and space need money, according to the market price, the two add up to 400-600 yuan), and the program technology to overcome (although there are a lot of free free program, but the best to understand some of the code, qiurenburuqiuji), so we must consider more and more problems, otherwise it is only a waste of their time and energy.

two, the main industry:

when we set out to do a website, the first thought of this site is to do what is entertainment, industry, learning, collection, download, free resources, etc.. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the site and the industry, so that it is conducive to the development of the site later, or later to change, it is a waste of time and energy, money. Although some sites through continuous exploration in order to establish the direction and goals, but began to have a train of thought, direction, for the road to go more healthy, will play a very important role.

three, website content planning:

website framework has been built up, do not rush to add content. We need to clear a few questions, how to plan their own content, to attract more readers and users? The beginning can read (see some big site, look at the layout and planning, look, why do so, the reason to do so, to understand the industry) (information and this is the main content of related information, conducive to the future direction of the website). Avoid by all means do not get the web page of all kinds, everything, everything is ready to reflect the professional, as far as possible to put or put on the website and content, and this will affect the site to the user’s feeling. Simple page, reasonable layout, functional interoperability.

four, whether or not