A forum, a place to keep the members are in many aspects, but one very important point is that the section of the business concept, there are some moderators that want to keep the members have to send some attractive post. So the early construction of some of the moderator in the forum to writing, racking his brains to code out some good article, or to other website, forum for some wonderful post here, that section of the posts a lot of popularity of the promotion effect is not obvious, why is it?

the members came to the purpose of the forum is nothing more than three: 1 to express their views on life, society, to work, eager to communicate with others. 2 to talk to our emotional loss, anger in real life, to express their feelings in life. 3 demonstrate their ability to find a bosom friend, and empathy and experience of success in the virtual world.

three from the above point of view the members to the forum is not passive appreciation, but to the initiative of communication and interaction. Plainly, version of the main business of the establishment of the concept is not for you to appreciate me, but I want to appreciate you.

if the member to enjoy good article need not to the forum, each big website, the famous online bookstore, literary website on hot news, good post, innumerable classic masterpiece. The degree of the article on the forum can not be compared with it in any case.