Yiwu only as a university, offers a unique set of evaluation system of Yiwu industry and Commerce College Students Entrepreneurship: class can take a single bill below; allowed to skip class, as long as the final result is qualified; Taobao level credit, a diamond worth two credits; students with two classrooms, a is the storage classroom, a classroom is.


"what do you want to buy?" this has almost become the local people of Yiwu a greeting, people like Beijing to meet the sentence: "you eat?" as the world’s largest small commodity free kingdom, small ornaments, small toys, hardware to small appliances, thousands on thousands of small businesses and households the manufacturing workshop of small commodities, every day from Yiwu to the world.

in this gathering of businessmen, the most famous attraction is the newly built Yiwu international trade city. "It takes 30 minutes to drive from one end to the other end of the Trade City, with a speed of no more than 10 minutes." Li Xinmiao said.

here, there is a general term for men: boss. Li Xinmiao is the three grade students of Zhejiang business school in Yiwu, but also the mouth of the students, Lee boss".

"lilaoban" is well deserved. Li Xinmiao is the top of the school "Taobao entrepreneurial class", with a crown of Taobao shops and a Taobao mall shops have their own registered company, the daily turnover of 1 to 20 thousand yuan. The Yiwu Institute of Commerce and industry, the only local university, but also because of the support of the students to start Taobao reputation, known as the Taobao university".

in a quiet afternoon, the reporter walked into the school. The empty school, the students entered the classroom with lunch, sat down on the stairs, with grey courier bags table, open Taobao big window: "pro, what can I do for you?"


is a famous story about Yiwu called "feather for sugar", said the lack of resources in Yiwu’s brains active small businessman zounanchuangbei street, with sugar and other items for toilet paper is low, the residents of the home of the feather and other waste to obtain profit. Feather for sugar, Yiwu is the first story.

Yiwu industrial and Commercial University of Career Academy, entrepreneurship is the most normal kind of ecological. Here, entrepreneurship means doing business on Taobao.

Xuefeng building is a building of the oldest school, is now a business college. A room two floor, on the wall "passion and dream, start to change the life of the red big slogan, the blackboard bulletin board above a class supply: wool socks protective price 17 yuan. This is a business to become a benefit for the latecomers.

each classroom arrangement are the same. The computer, under the table, the classroom shelves and warehouse, are filled with every kind of leggings, slippers and other seasonal hot commodity. The students sell a similar business.