with the second half of 2006, the voice of anti malware four onwards, the anti malware Software Alliance for the company’s operations, making anti malware software has become a cause. But by the end of 2006, the wave of anti malware seems to change the taste, lost. In this context, people have been unable to identify whether the software is malicious, but can not see the so-called anti rogue real purpose.

who is hurting the Internet users

with the stability of the Internet in recent years, when a lot of rogue software manufacturers are on the right track, especially for large companies in their own image and long-term development, no longer rely on rogue software such short-sighted behavior. Analysis of a person who has been engaged in the promotion of rogue software people, now really aroused widespread public is the unknown source or origin small plug-in have appeared. Compared to these widgets in front of a few years the most well-known rogue plug-ins, ifheavier, now widely used in virus technology, such as the use of MY123 driver hiding, using 7379 infection technology, 3448 uses a random name, Roogoo uses LSP hijacking technology. These small plug-ins infected with the executable file on the computer to carry out the dissemination of super ability, a lot of victims, greatly damaged the interests of Internet users. Analysis of the industry, between these small plug-in disaster caused by flooding water night, also has a strong ability to morph, not some stragglers and disbanded soldiers can do, behind there is a very strong technology and generalization ability, is likely to be Internet community power companies behind the operation. Some anti malware software vendors under the banner of maintaining the interests of users, but behind it has a huge profit motive.

anti rogue software can not become rogue

for many businesses, there should be business ethics, the minimum requirement is not allowed to degenerate into a commercial gangster, anti rogue software anti over the world will not become a gentleman. Recently, YAHOO sued the Qihoo in cases of unfair competition, YAHOO to win, against the Qihoo results after a trial. The court held that the Qihoo will be listed as assistant of the YAHOO malware behavior constitutes unfair competition. The court’s decision, on the one hand that YAHOO is not malicious software, on the other hand will be the Qihoo’s anti malware behavior as unfair competition. This series of events, gradually exposed behind the bustling commercial wrestling movement against rogue software. At the same time, some people in the industry believe that, in the case of this confusion, by the anti-virus vendors themselves with an interest in the direction of the individual to act as law enforcement, it is inevitable that there is unfair. Can say who is a "rogue" is "rogue", said the stick hit anyone, not ourselves into a "rogue"?

insiders alluding to zeihanzhuozei

had almost disappeared to cry in the rogue software, a piece of the past few months public condemnation and antivirus vendors, but suddenly I do not know where to gush out. What is the reason behind this? Business has been the existence of a tacit unspoken rule. "