reality and the principle of doing business on the Internet is the same

this module is divided into three parts:

1, good project good product standards (10 standard):

2, a good project good product steps (which methods and steps)

3, a good project a good way of thinking what products;

first of all, I would like to talk about the first part of the project – good product standards (10 standard)

1, the future trend of

every one of us often hung in the mouth of a word, do the Chaoyang industry; what is called sunrise industry? The next 10-20 years will become a trend, a large market, from small to large, become the mainstream of society, this is a trend, a sunrise industry, such as: Bill Gates that will have a personal computer every one on the table in his future, what age, the computer is placed in what place, the computer is placed in the room.

Bill Gates found such a chance, he was not the inventor of the computer; such as the IBM HP apple have seen such a trend, are vigorously promoting the personal computer era, Bill Gates is just to see such a trend and participate in, to find a good position in his position; very simple, do not compete with software, to which IT giant, ask you a question, Bill Gates is a business genius, but if he did not choose to do software at the time, or choose another profession, he went to the business of fast food industry, I believe that he is a great entrepreneur, he will have 500 the fast-food restaurant, even if it is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant, you think this with Microsoft to bring his wealth to


in Microsoft he became the richest man in the world, what you want, in the personal computer era, Microsoft encountered competition is relatively small, but if he do the catering industry, the competition is quite large, even if you do well, not necessarily for the richest man in the world, so that Bill Gates was caught a great opportunity, if he did not seize such a trend in the future, he may also have a great achievement, but now with the achievement ratio, there may be only 1% or less now, this is the main trend of the future.

some time ago I saw a micro-blog, the story is this: a little painter found an old artist asked, why I drew a day for several days to sell? The old painter said: if you draw a picture for a year, I believe that sell your paintings one day one day, you made time to draw a picture of your paintings a year now, but also sell, one for a couple of days, the world’s richest man, Sun Zhengyi in the world, he was to choose a project a period of two years. The choice is greater than the effort!

some people may say that, who will have such a vision, I tell you: this vision requires courage, you need to think;