is an ordinary student, senior year, not willing to wave silently waiting for the end of the turbidity academic paper certificate, "high" in power in his last years, out of a record industry. Today, the increasingly fierce competition of society, all walks of life have been basically saturated, in the absence of external force to strike out on their own road to success without the aid of it is very difficult, and I hope that these essays can have the same entrepreneurial ideas of classmates and I have some help. Courtesy does not say, straight into the topic.

want to start, we must first carry out market analysis, have just said, now all walks of life have close to saturation, the N has many rich two generations in the US and these poor children grab jobs, grab resources, the government now seems to adjust the retirement age, accurately speaking, is postponed, this means there will be less free post, college students after graduation to find work will be more difficult, so, how to find the potential of the overall trend of the market in stocks fell in the state of


Xiao Bian think that the best time is the reference standard, yes, so far, need the shortest time industry talent most believe, see here, many friends have all understand what I mean is what industry — yes, is the internet. The rapid development of the Internet can be said to be very surprising, just a dozen years, basically has been developed from scratch, from the computer network to the mobile phone is now almost absolutely ignorant of computer popularization, great changes in the hidden opportunities, of course, leaving only the opportunity for those who are prepared, the Internet is a lot of Wangzhuan tycoon said for China following after the reform and opening up the first change, he created a lot of rich people, although the network market has been carved up more than half, but compared to a lot of Bu into traditional industries, the Internet resources left enough to give us a cup of soup.

development of the Internet, a mere ten twenty years, rely on the Internet millionaire, even with two rich generation, presumably the age is not large, for now, I believe these children is not for those of us poor generation of threat, and we this generation of students are not familiar to the network, there is a certain basis moreover, young, creative. Therefore, the choice of Internet business or employment, the greater the probability of success.

is mainly about the Internet is an opportunity, and for poor students, is the first choice for entrepreneurship. "The Internet" three words covering N, what should be where to start? Xiaobian to try the "law", I now tell us about the direction of their choice:

frankly speaking, I chose the Taobao guest Wangzhuan! Hope veterans who don’t scold me, because in the eyes of many people, Taobao has been on the verge of extinction, now only give dying kicks. For this argument, I can understand, but not entirely agree, first said I must do to Taobao off than 2 years ago, that time seems to do a cosmetic and slimming products to a single page, SEO, will be able to earn pours, now is certainly not realistic, because the competition between industry too big, add >