Beijing time July 10th noon news, as investors begin to focus on a few high technology start-ups, quick return, risk investment industry’s strength is conformity, leading entrepreneurs choose to reduce financing.

according to the U.S. venture capital association data, the United States $5 billion 900 million in the first quarter of this year, financing $second, of which 5 funds accounted for about 80% of total financing. Mark, President of the association, · (Mark), said: "for entrepreneurs, this means that short-term investment transactions may be reduced by Heesen."

but he added: "it’s not necessarily a bad thing." The reason is that Vc firm are now more likely to refine the strategy, the investment of fewer companies, no longer blindly imitate the existing model and the success of the lower probability of corporate capital injection. Heesen believes that this pattern will make the venture into the survival of the fittest environment, only the best companies to get funding.

cleaning technology and biotechnology start-ups was also influenced by this trend, the company is usually the smaller regional Vc firm financing, and with Silicon Valley technology companies more attractive, this kind of company financing also encountered difficulties.

financing ability of the main investment in Vc firm IT enterprises, the investment cycle is usually shorter than the clean technology and biotechnology industry.

in the second quarter of this year, the national Vc firm to achieve $5 billion 900 million in financing, compared with $2 billion 600 million last year doubled. However, the number of funds to obtain financing has been reduced by 18%, from only a decrease of 38 to the lowest in 2009, the lowest since the third quarter of, when the recession led to the reduction of new investment projects.

the second quarter of the highest amount of financing is New Enterprise Associates, a total of $2 billion 100 million, followed by Institutional Venture Partners, a total of $1 billion. The latter is mainly focused on the development of the company in the near future and will soon be listed.

light speed venture financing $675 million quarter, KPCB financing $525 million. Peter is ranked fifth in · Purcell (Peter Thiel) Mithril Capital Management support, the second quarter of the amount of financing of $402 million.

In addition, according to the latest survey by the American Association of angel resources and the Silicon Valley bank, in the first quarter of this year, the national average of $700 thousand per angel investment, unchanged from 2011.