opened the message to make money inside the union profiteering!

is now the country’s SMS alliance advertising alliance was not poor, why? The reason is the trend of interest

I saw on the Internet a few days ago in the first half of 2005, according to incomplete statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users more than 100 million

only with the United States, according to the world second, and the overall quality of China’s Internet users are not high lead to registration will not be canceled, etc.

then we go back to our topic: CEO those who SMS alliance how to make money?


1, first of all you have to own a short message alliance program used as a tool to start running

2, and then through our channel for you free connection interface

basic flow:

users through the website registration, other offline advertising alliance statistics ——SP to count the success of SP – down – some simple products of alliance can also provide some product users do not cancel next month to renew

SP to SMS union settlement (generally 3/7 points, to remove some of the channel costs such as net profit tax can be about 12-15 yuan or higher)

alliance to the webmaster settlement (which depends on the price you set, according to 10 yuan a calculation, according to the calculation of the profit of 3 yuan, according to the calculation of the small union of the 30 webmaster, according to a webmaster one day)

League income per day = 3 yuan net profit * * = = $90 (to be honest, each league has a deduction of the amount of the day you buckle 5) $13 * 5 = 65 yuan

at least a day income 90+65=155 yuan (net profit to the owners to pay the Commission) if dating and some other products in 20% is user fee rate per month can make a profit of 20%

more than last month.

if you hit a few big webmaster a day registration 5-6 you will send. Ha ha

The whole

network 5%, eleven new mobile communication line +0770+7777 Mobile Unicom PHS network