to do a personalized website, first of all to make their own content planning.

A/ conform to their own personality

There are many different types of

sites, what type of site do you belong to? A resource download station? An online community? A website that provides special information? Or reflect their personal interest in personal website? Different types of sites have different practices! The design of layout and resource costs are not the same, such as download requires a lot of space (post behavior should be despised, this behavior should not be, not in this column)

if you do not know what type of site you want to do, you can refer to a large number of other people’s Web site, initially do not understand it does not matter, see more to know the

what kind of website to do and their own personality and temperament, hobbies, specialty has a great relationship. Do not want to catch up with the fashion to do their own do not like to stand, so that the site will not be your fun, but it is a burden, but can not stick to it, more of the content of this area, please visit here:

B/ scale is not big and full

many friends began to site on the site when aspiring, column suddenly opened a lot, a directory and two directories, two directories and directory three. For example, there are jazz, rock, folk music…… In 10 categories, but also below the Cool, sir, Fusion, BigBand, Acid and so on all kinds of style.

here I would like to remind you that the larger the size of the site to do, the more difficult it is to keep up with the new. Slowly you will find that can be fixed to keep updating actually only a few columns, the other columns are few updates, those updated columns low then become chicken ribs. Not only that, the content will be very difficult to find, the user does not have the patience to like you rushed to the 4 level directory continue to find things, they will choose to leave, generally a medium-sized personal website directory is not more than three class

This principle is also suitable for

BBS, if a community started suddenly out of the ten plate, even if one day there are 20 stick, dispersed in a plate of the whole BBS Not the least trace was found., looked desolate. For a long time, the confidence of participants will blow, with promotion of forum please see Yue for your "how to make a


personal website, after all, from time to time business website portal, if you do not have a team to do, the portal is not a good choice, large and small as well as small.

C/ content adhere to the original

One of the consequences of

‘s current flood of blogs is that materials and content are ever more convenient than ever, but I encourage you to create your own stuff. When it comes to the original, so I can not help recalling Chinese individuals just do stand, each individual station has a personality, has its own expression content, each see a website that will enter a new world of feeling, unlike now.