twenty-first Century today, more and more people join the Internet, online shop, online blog, web site, online shopping, online dating…… the network life and the reality of our increasingly separated


Internet advertising unlimited business opportunities

2007 China online advertising alliance market size of $1 billion 630 million, representing an increase of $930 million in 2006 of $75.2%. Advertising alliance, an important part of the online advertising market, has become the focus of attention and investment. With the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games, online advertising alliance market will continue to maintain rapid growth, the overall size of China’s online advertising alliance is expected to reach 1 billion 860 million yuan in 2008, the future has a very good development prospects.


continue this growth rate, a few years later, the Internet advertising for many businesses is not a choice is not essential. In other words, the pressure from peer competition, so that the vast majority of the current advertising costs are not on the Internet businesses, had to part of the advertising spending to invest in the internet. Once this becomes a trend, the Internet advertising may be in a very short period of time facing a shortage situation, which will give the number of dedicated Internet advertising market, bring amazing returns and market expansion opportunities.

the current status of domestic online advertising market

from the point of view of market maturity, online advertising has gone through the basic exploratory stage, began to market segmentation and technical standardization.

is a Netscape Co in the form of free promotion to the public from 1994 the first multimedia browser since the banner ads based on Web page development. This is the beginning of Internet advertising. In the next ten years, with non search based advertising banners of the dominant position gradually in search technology, more accurate positioning instead of keyword advertising. At the same time, advertising pricing standards from the extensive, according to the general access to the web page to charge (CPM), to accurately according to the actual advertising to the business brought about by the revenue charges (CPA).

online advertising market competition pattern

at the same time, an intermediary market based on online advertising has grown up, and differentiated into two different forms of intermediary.

first is the "agent", advertisers as intermediary, on the one hand to contact the website into its distribution network, on the other hand, the issue of network advertising space sold to customers, a simple type based intermediary buy down. Second may be called the "exchange", the intermediary business set up an advertising agency platform for advertisers by direct delivery or bid each other to directly buy the issue on the network advertisement position, this is a high-end stage for the development of Internet advertising, Internet advertising in the collection of website owners and advertisers to achieve high-end data matching and precision effect of delivery.