our most common advertising specification is 468*60, and now we can see the advertising specifications have been very diverse. Before the specification is the largest Google AdSense, so it has become a model to follow the example of the advertising alliance, now appears to be the most standard Baidu alliance.

Baidu alliance advertising specifications is not only the most, but also the best look at the same time, but also in the theme of the promotion of a lot of options. This is the Baidu alliance, especially the theme of Baidu promotion in the near future, some of the more significant progress, while in the same field, Google AdSense is relatively backward.

of course, Google AdSense advertising specifications are also increasing, although the number is far less than the number of Baidu union. Google AdSense, the biggest problem is dealing with the details of advertising, and Baidu’s flexible, Google AdSense specification is relatively simple, especially the font and size, the English based font have Google AdSense behind other advertising alliance in the shape of the.

is the catch up from behind Ali mother strenuously, shortly before the increase in the number of ads, but overall still along Google AdSense road in walking.

for publishers, I think most of the advertising alliance are missing a specification, that is custom. In my impression, Yahoo auction can be customized, the theme of the old Baidu union promotion code seems to have this option, but now the new code is not supported.

custom advertising specifications for advertising alliance may be difficult, but if a good advertising alliance advertising support custom specifications, then it is in the publisher group will have a high degree of support. After all, for the webmaster, site coordination is the first.