1. do not automatically collected, I said here is that the acquisition rules, set up automatic completion time system, so one drawback is that all the web pages you any element of all collection, including some articles in < table> img=> or < or something you don’t need. It is also the case, the search engine is more determined not to your original content, but simply copy the content from the internet.

      if the content of your site accounted for the proportion of high enough, the results ha ha ~~

      2 for search don’t always wait to be K to Baidu or Google to scold, smart, they use 1 regular expression method mentioned in the judge, why can’t we avoid it? A simple way you can put your content through the manual to complete their first ctrl+c, for example, to the text document, in the ctrl+c to your target editor, it seems not what changes, but in fact the HTML elements have been completely removed, so the search engine seems sure to automatic acquisition is more difficult than discrimination. But this is very troublesome, you want to save, remember lazy = risk.

      3 although it is a collection but add some of their own comments, or at least you need to change the next < title> < /title> something in it?

      it has several benefits:
      < 1> search more and more attention to < title> < /title> the title which East illustrates the title of the article, you may collect the bad writing, is not conducive to the search engine ranking. Do you want to optimize the key words in this good for you do not have to say.
      < 2> naturally reduced the chance of being K by

      4 disrupt the paging rules of the article, that is, not the same as the source article. Have their own characteristics

      5 maintain their website content is the latest, and your target site as far as possible, so as to facilitate the snatch and search engine ranking position, I have tried for me from the ZOL and pconline copy content, several articles of the same real ZOL is original, but he and I basically synchronous update, the time I remember is that Nokia N95 and Yahoo Baidu in the article I came to the first, which I optimized the article page and <>