network is easy to make money!? it is easy to hard to make money, it is important to grasp the main points, why rich people do what thing to do to make money? Is hard to study, I want you to seriously look at how to make money, you will double the price. So today, said the network to make money to seize these people".

25~35 was generally due to a steady income, so is the main consumer group, and through the years or even decades of social knowledge, but also makes them more than the students that a rational and calm, and because of this age gradually into the life of the first climax stage: marriage consumption and the children, so the age of the user has a strong consumption driving force, this force directly lead to a huge raise its consumption ability.

then in the website operation process, for this group of people, certainly is to use all the way to be firmly in their own hands, but how to do this, or a group of people, they really have the characteristics of that


a high degree of network acceptance

Acceptance of

network, the network is usually reflected in the emerging business understanding and support, such as the horizon and the 7 day holiday jointly launched the network reservation service, get Tianya the support of many people, this is hard to earn you a commission, if the earth is at the beginning of opening station to carry out this service, certainly no one will actively participate, but through several years of development, the basic users horizon has grown and gradually understand the network business model emerging, more important is the most users have entered the middle class society, is a homely food businesses and travel, so that there is an important basis for successful launch scheduled service.

But the

network does not represent a high degree of acceptance, you can use technology to play with the user, in a nutshell is the website function is not too complicated, said mobile phone ordering around mobile phone set meal to the spreading and development of response function, steps as simple as possible, don’t also develop your own claim to some creative things, even if this age should pay attention to layer, there are still many people who love the hao123 homepage, if the function is too complex, this part of the loss of business users will make the operator regret.

two. Business loyalty is low

such a characteristic can be said to be the most reluctant to see many commercial websites, but also very often happened, because the survival in the society, have made this class formed the habit of goods than the three, but for things rational choice, but also makes a lot of commercial advertising and soft, not directly to produce the effect.

then the site in this paper when the analysis can be a phenomenon: the electronic commerce of the United States is very high, there are a lot of their advertising businesses will be gradually put on some influential personal blog, through advertising and blog content combine to attract consumer attitudes change.