Xue Zi and Xiao Xiao (left) in Switzerland to visit watchmaking brand DAVOSA (Devisa), the founder of the brand (right) hospitality.

electricity supplier sample time is a long river. From March 1998 China completed the first Internet transaction, business enterprise of health birth and death, raging like a storm, which has established dangdang.com from 1999, has held heavily into a high-profile but only 3 months on the line of products together. From July onwards, sina science and technology will select one or two representatives of the electricity supplier companies to do a weekly observation. We have no intention of respect is willing to attribute their success or failure, or to review its mode, or reported its growth, to record the current electricity supplier sample.



Wang Ning

seems to Xiao Xiao, he founded the network is a small list of the United States because of the small electricity supplier companies, electricity providers generally live more difficult in the moment, it is relatively easy to live a small dial.

easily from the profit, also because of insignificant, less capital, media noise. Million meter network was not reported by the media, a magazine released 100 home appliance manufacturers to survive the sample survey did not include it. But no name does not mean it has no customers, it is genuine watches, with Xiao Xiao’s words, a good watch at least thousands of thousands of dollars, affordable income customers, generally are good, this is a lucrative niche business.

close to the customer price of $


million business data network is very impressive, according to Xiao Xiao disclosed data, square meter net average customer price is 9300 yuan, gross margin of about 30%, even in the luxury business, the average customer price so high is also rare. Is famous for its luxury fashion catwalk net and vip.com, the average customer price they were 600 yuan and 100 yuan. What is the luxury electricity supplier? Excellent public network CEO Chen Xiaoceng gives an important criterion is to exceed 2000 yuan customer price.


million online listing sales of watches, the most expensive a Patek Philippe mechanical watch price is 17 million 600 thousand yuan, and the price is. There are users in the commodity page inquiry inquiry goods, the official reply of the official website said the price is the price of the special discount, the fastest 15 days after payment can be arrived.

of course, this kind of luxury is often there is no market price, Xiao Xiao recently received the Sina Technology interview admitted that this watch is currently in the online table million have not sold a record before it can get the goods, but with the changes in the market, now may not be able to get the goods.

Xiao Xiao said that sales is more three, four thousand yuan watch, a Tissot classic men’s mechanical watch sales become champion. In terms of price range, sales are mainly concentrated in the 3 thousand to 50 thousand between the watches; the sales of watches from 5 to 100 thousand is also good, accounting for about 10 percent of total sales; more than 100 thousand yuan a month or watch >