is now the mainstream of the three major domestic network platform, Google Adsense Baidu union Ali mother, in terms of payment we compare.

payment time:

first to talk about the Google Adsense platform bar

can be said that 70% of owners choose the platform, as can be imagined his charm is, there should be more than 5 of the webmaster to his K number, but a lot is to sum up the experience of yuezhanyueyong. A Google Adsense official diagram.


this diagram may be able to explain Adsense a payment cycle. Anyway, the payment time is probably between 25 to 30 per month. No specific date. The old user should know.

Baidu alliance

Baidu bidding alliance, search alliance is still a lot of owners choose. Rumors put Baidu alliance products can increase the proportion of search, this is just a rumor…

Baidu Union commission payment time

Baidu alliance will in every 15 -25 June pay membership month the Commission, members of the business commission to pay in the League after receipt of the invoice payment time to receipt of the invoice for the time:

alliance before the 10 day of the monthly invoice payment time is about 15 per month.

alliance before the 20 day of the monthly invoice payment time is about 25 per month.


alliance will receive 20 days after the receipt of the invoice every month for about $15 next month.

Ali mother

Ali mother alliance was developed for 1 years, but its momentum has made people feel afraid of competitors. Simple operation, the sale of advertising like vegetables like fun, so many webmaster into the embrace of her mother.

Ali mother settlement time: next settlement time: 2008-09-15

from the Commission to pay the situation: Ali mother ranked first, and then Baidu, and then Google Adsense, a lot of people do not understand why the Google Adsense row last, because of his

PIN is disgusting. It’s that simple.


and compare their settlement:

Google Adsense calculated from the traditional check to the Western Union, the Commission compared to other alliance is still relatively trouble, need to run the bank for business. Check collection brothers don’t even say, a month is not more than 10000 knife with Western Union, only collection, slowly waiting for transatlantic business.

Baidu Union commission payment method: Baidu union >