Biden today to share with you the current Wangzhuan Wangzhuan form. In fact, or indirectly give you the Wangzhuan project. Do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Biden there for two years, did not dare to say master it, but at least it is a veteran. Combined with the two years of experience, to talk about the current Wangzhuan pattern.

first, want to do the Union (I said here, the alliance, only refers to the Baidu alliance and Google alliance), the site at least formal. The formal meaning is not to do the dumpster. Of course, the garbage can also do the union, but many are SEO master or dumpster group can do. Otherwise, you want to get a year down, some have not received the letter PIN. Biden Wangzhuan GG, just like this, a year only 60 knife. Look at it all. Formal battle to do Baidu alliance and Google alliance or the current. But personally, there is little energy. So, if you have the human and financial resources or to do the regular station, adhere to a half a year will be a great harvest.

second, currently doing quite a lot of Taobao customers. In fact, the project is done, to feed a family is not a problem. But Taobao customers, if there is no good website, no good SEO technology, is actually a very tiring work. Taobao passenger threshold is relatively low, there is no station does not matter. Biden Wangzhuan have seen some people use e-mail group engaged in Taobao customers, earn more than 4 thousand monthly. But very tiring, execution is quite strong person can do that.

third, do foreign alliances, such as CJ, CK. No study on the foreign alliance Wangzhuan biden. But many master by foreign union money earning grandpa Mao is million units. To do the foreign union threshold relative to the domestic Union, relatively high. At least in english. Otherwise, communicate with foreigners have become a problem, not to mention people’s products.

fourth, here I especially want to say to the novice, the China wangzhuan. Advise the novice don’t touch the categories: voting, coding, investigation, registration, hang Witkey, Vic. Do these, pure toil. To be used in vain. We might as well make time for other projects.

fifth, CPA project. At present, the domestic CPA can still. Although the volume is relatively large, but still earn some. Find a good CPA, and then start publicity. Is also very good. Biden is love CPA Wangzhuan project, you can go to the north to see Wangzhuan the next article wrote.

today to give you the analysis here. In fact, as long as you have enough money in execution, Wangzhuan is sooner or later. I never think so: the higher never lack the project, is the lack of executive force. Thus, in today’s impetuous society, executive power is how important ah. Finally, welcome everybody to always adhere to the original Biden Wangzhuan to see.