many webmaster confusion is that the flow, but can not be converted into income. Many people talk about network marketing, attention is focused on how to get traffic. But some sites are worried about, with the flow, how to produce benefits?

on the Internet, traffic is a treasure. There will be the flow of the eye, there is the target market. It can be said that there must be a flow of income. If your site has a lot of traffic, but did not produce the benefits, it must be a problem in the field of planning and profit model.

can not be denied that some sites targeted traffic is relatively poor, low spending power, or the quality of traffic is not high. Site sales conversion rate can be different, but if there is considerable traffic, but only in exchange for between a small number of website alliance, the appropriate income is not found, it must be a problem. For example, the train station is usually high traffic areas, people in the train station are not to go shopping. To open stores in the train station, the large amount of traffic ordinarily is relatively low quality of traffic. In fact, such a huge flow of local shops, will not sell anything. The key is to find out what these people need. They don’t need to buy a mobile phone TV, but it may need to buy lunch drinks.

on the site can also use this thinking. Your site users may not be shopping with the goal of your site, but to watch the news, play games, chat, get together. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell them targeted products. You want to sell products, not necessarily directly related to the content of your site’s products, but your user group may need the product.

, for example, your site is the BMW forum, you may not be able to sell them directly to BMW or accessories. But these people who love BMW cars, you will need to choose a lot of other things too. Credit cards, club memberships, golf equipment, air tickets, luxury tours, etc.. These could be your income points.

, for example, if your site is just a singer fan club, users are no spending power of young fans. They obviously are not to buy things, but chasing, killing time, see gossip.

then these people besides time, there is no other demand? Since they Starchaser, there may sell out of print CD to them, Autographed posters, CD, T-shirt? There is no possible souvenir exchange organization between members, owners as intermediary commission? Is it possible to get in touch with the star, get some souvenirs the special significance of the meeting, or organization? If your website has become an important base in the local fans, these stars and brokerage companies are generally not dare to offend. There may be a small studio, to help fans make professional CD, even MTV


I said above is only limited in the possibility of directly related with the stars. Open thinking, and fans are not directly related to this group of people is something else to have? When.