author Jon Kimmich, Software Illuminati CEO, is also the "congregation to raise the Bible," a Book editor. The public offering also need to brand? The congregation raised also need to import traffic to public offering? Customer service to spend so much energy? Grass root entrepreneurship is easy, the KS waiting for holding money home? But the author tells us that in fact any success has a story, a small probability of accident. But in the end, it is necessary to return to the normal business law. For a large number of domestic science and technology projects raised by the public did not succeed or hot contrast these success factors, we can learn something from.

I communicate entrepreneurs who have felt the smell of the air changes, especially for those who are in the consumer market, the smell of money. They whispered, "Kickstarter".

large sums of money have been prepared, consumers are eager to buy the next big thing – it has not yet been done.

due to the recent paper from smart watches Pebble successful financing of more than $10 million (behind too successful that they had to shut down to receive new orders to ensure to meet before the supporters of the order) and Amadnda Palmer, raising more than $1 million to the Double Fine music project, Adventure games to raise $3 million, all offering has been officially broke out, has become a new form of traditional channels for funds abroad.

in many ways, the game company in Seattle has become the leader of the company to obtain high fund-raising.

over the past few months, more than 5 from the Seattle gaming company’s Kickstarter financing project received $three million and five hundred thousand in support. In contrast, the total investment in the gaming industry in the region of Seattle is $ten million, so, before the development of the number of fund-raising from the user has reached 35% of the VC fund-raising VC.

to pay attention to is: Kickstarter game project only 25% successful, why Seattle is so successful? We can see some Ni end:

these are:

1 recognizes that the public offering is essentially a consumer market practice, therefore, brand and vision is very important.

both the existence of intellectual property rights, the individual has a personal brand, a creative appearance, or to target customers to understand, to succeed in the public offering, the key is to understand what needs to be done to drive consumer action fundamentally. How to use examples to show consumers, you are the reliable company to deliver the product, as far as possible with your confidence, and with an irresistible, popular way to convey your ideas and personality is particularly important.

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