is a commonly used Thunder download tools, can use it for the webmaster friends profit? The answer is yes, I can put up by using the method of thunder money, because those who use thunder money project is a long-term project, take a long time, it is not suitable to the overnight, anxious the operation of people, the dream to eat a fat one can not earn money in the comments scolded, because it is free for everyone to share, when open to scold ask their conscience


a, operation mode

1, hotlinking.

this method of operation is very simple, go online to search for methods of hotlinking resources to stand, and then do one, submitted to the thunder, you can get traffic through the audit. For now, do hotlinking too much, because the thunder is characterized by the need to display the absolute address, so it is easy to be stolen for hotlinking, so thunder blocked badly now hotlinking, can basically do a few days on the OVER.

2, own server.

for many beginners, even the space do not know what is, if all of a sudden the operation of the server, but the server operation is very difficult, only to do download station, is the most stable, because resources are their own local resources are not hotlinking, welcome such resources to provide the station of thunder. In our group, there is thunder engage in training, do hotlinking has just started, soon, 3 days you can put up with the students, but soon finished, because the account is K, no flow, the students are complaining, and later had to buy out their project re training they. There are a number of friends, is to do the thunder training, but it is to do the local resources, although this is a big investment point, the technology is difficult, but after all, is a long-term project. Do the local server operation is the biggest difficulty, hotlinking.

two, profit model.

1, picture advertising.

Have to download station

all hands, such a high traffic, hundreds of thousands of traffic, you let us help you put your product advertising, the effect is good, but I always feel shy, so I got a few iron, local resources, and then I made a face image ads, this ad is "I am beautiful, want to get married, my QQ is: XXX, the general people download, will add the QQ, after the advertising effect after QQ conversion time, very good. You can batch acquisition image ads, 10 thousand yuan IP50, for the download station, this money is free, so we can easily buy into these flows. According to this statement, is put in the text chain advertising here, are the same can be profitable, the specific I do not test. I mean that there are friends to download the station, please do not ignore the picture ads, with the most simple text images, to achieve the most rapid temptation, so that others can see.