can not do a new project to make money, suitable for beginners to make money projects, can not earn a few children. No threshold of the project can not earn much money, although it is true, but I have always believed that this is one-sided. You can copy and paste the project, the market is very saturated. And I know. I translated some articles about foreign celebrities "to work in an interview with the wise remark of an experienced person Wangzhuan: 12 network marketing master", is not that you copy it, but to guide novice students their working attitude. The spirit of persistence and perseverance, these common things, I am too lazy to say, but will eventually go back to this point. It took us 15 years or more to understand that learning is important. But we may have to Wangzhuan, life time can understand how important it is to adhere to the two words.


above is broken, now. Still confused the beginner can see:

1, with 1 to 2 days to understand what is higher, and higher mode of operation.

2, spend 3 days in the conception, learning, access to relevant information, you must have a specific Wangzhuan ideas, and put into action to operate, no effect 5 to 10 days, the third points of reference.


started, not so much to the time you waste, spent 10 days to let you know how Wangzhuan is one thing, is a very luxury thing. Repeat second steps, again, we can not afford to waste precious life. Site itself is invisible capital.

4, return to the origin, many novice will say it is not a station, not Wangzhuan station?. No, if I don’t write this, a lot of old people will respond to it. Repeat third points, we can not afford to waste precious life. Site, is the only thing you can do meaningful things. At least, you will not waste time, has been repeated confusion, hesitation.

5, clear thinking, we want is not ideal is the goal. How many IP does the website have today, how many IP will increase tomorrow?. The increase of these IP to where publicity, to get. To do a few key words, today, the number of key words, the number of keywords ranking tomorrow, how to let the key word. Target is not false, and have the corresponding plan for each goal.

thinking from the operation to think again, the establishment of such a cycle, the goal will be closer and closer to us, believe in yourself, who is not from the novice. As long as the Kung Fu deep iron needle stalk. This article writing, A5 starter.