I am an ordinary college student, this year’s summer vacation I was sophomore. Like many other college students, in the freshman year, there is a special passion, what want to try. When I heard that a classmate do SEO, pocketed their tuition fees and living expenses, I particularly admire, also want to go to school, but do not have the slightest experience and technology. Fortunately, my friends have spent thousands of dollars in training institutions to learn, there are a lot of books and video data, he gave me free, let me learn.

before the winter vacation in 2012, I completed the basic learning of SEO, from white to rookie. At that time, very impulsive want to do their own website, finally during the holiday to finish up their own forum, every 20 original and some outside the chain, while the improper operation, but the ranking gradually up, second months to reach 2 Baidu right, but the site updates and SEO is really very tired, especially in not to any return, I want to give up feeling more intense. As a result, one day at the end of the weekend, I stopped updating and classmates together to serve half a month without management.

until one day, QQ flashes up. There was a man who wanted me to know about my site, claiming that I was going to run a shop nearby to advertise. I am not particularly happy, because I do not want to pit him, the site traffic is too little too little. After careful understanding, he has several sites, hoping that someone will help with my management, settled 10 thousand yuan after the maintenance of SEO a year, change the template, in addition to count. The first sum of money, I think some hesitation but still get down, signed a contract. I thought even failure, so most just didn’t have the money in vain a


that day, I picked up the information, carefully read it again. A deep understanding of the SEO is something of a system, the station outside the station optimization was done, not simply the spam chain, update no value information at the same time, chicken ribs! With careful maintenance, customer website ranking gradually, in the optimization of time for about 2 months, the requirement to do the. To achieve the contract 80% of the proceeds, as well as the maintenance fee is $20%, due to the competition is not large, a soft article a day to solve the problem of continuous ranking site. And this time I try again in A5 and other network owners contact list, and particularly busy, but the harvest of their tuition fees and living expenses, to achieve economic independence.

list more and more, coupled with the class and the trivia of life, more and more feel powerless, this time I need a team to help me, do together. With the help of my friends, I set up my own small studio, a total of 7 people, of whom 6 are with me to learn SEO, I took them from a small white rookie. Can help me to maintain the site work. Later, with the help of the teacher, the smooth entry into the college students park, and set up their own network company, specializing in the optimization of small and medium enterprises. The order came in a single order… And soon it was over.

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