SEO today said something about some knight group business words flow trend, impulse, ha ha, I have also expressed their own views, my view is that, combined with the reality of society, it is not difficult to see, there are many online commercial sites, such as Ali, HC, the Pacific Ocean. BITAUTO, etc. all of these sites have their own mature systems, including online, offline, community, alliance, media, VIP user group (2/8 Hedonomics), if the future development trend of business flow that will flow to the search engine more private view of the way I look at it, as a GOOGLE the world famous top search engine, in China pace is slow, slow domestic search engines and commercial sites have full access to the market, has been in the form of user search habits A, began to step into, and throughout this, domestic search engine and commercial sites, from Tencent has developed in QQ can be directly related to the search business users pat Network auction items, to the mom of three bags and Taobao webmaster I Amoy recommend commodities earn rebates. To the Pacific, easy car, car and other NetEase site every car exhibition will appear different to HC industry exhibition will appear, have their own newspaper publications, as well as the domestic leader Baidu PPC, all these words to make business flow is not zoned to the exclusive site of different categories.

              as a user, if you want to buy something, you choose Taobao, eBay, pat, Dangdang, Amazon, Baidu, or GG, it is the former, the latter is in what circumstances? In providing information for the user, auxiliary information there, why, because users live in heart has formed a search habits and buying habits, this market is not the first to enter the who must win, but at least can begin to upgrade to the VER3.0 version and more suitable for users from the VER0.0, I said this is the UE, the site has strong commercial development there are big communities, have their own site information in all aspects reported instant chat software, the line by perfect customer service group, the purchase situation in the future of online commercial words many related articles are Great opportunities are not the search engine directly arising in these sites, eBay now hot list A=Z you can see, more fun is if some A-Z in Baidu search, then get out of the results you will understand, Baidu search the user what is required more, so the focus of business the Pacific BITAUTO site words like they are carved up the commercial words belonging to their own industry, these words has become a symbol of their website, online also can not say to the people some fine, Pacific Games, Pacific women, Pacific car, Pacific BB, Pacific PC, he will be the one category. Small class, each category makes users understand and know, users only need to interact in these sites, the station.