"flash" is an anomaly in recent two years China game arena, from him, reminiscent of Shi Yuzhu and Chen Tianqiao……



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if the Internet open platform on the list of a few winners, the first should be the Hu Lai game". To be more direct, that is, "the Three Kingdoms". As a Tencent into an open platform for seventh games, is the first strategy of social games, "Hu Levin three" once occupied half of the country Tencent platform, the monthly income of tens of millions of yuan. You know, the so-called Internet open platform, Tencent alone, over more than half of the market share of penguins. "The rapid success of Hu Lai three", almost equal to hit agriculture practitioners surrounded the scene.

early last year on the line, Hu Lai three main flagship of the design of mild social bias and online games make people shine. This is one of the most close to the traditional heavy players a social game, natural open platform. For a time, almost all people are talking about the "Three Kingdoms", but do not know where to come out of a person to make such a game to make money. So far, the three countries have created hundreds of millions of dollars in income. 2011 apple Appstore Rewind China sales list, Hu Lai three iPhone version of the best-selling game of the year ranked first.

Joe Wanli is indeed the "risk" out of the. Before founding Hu Levin games, he is not the Internet circle, not a game player, do not understand the product, there is no technical background. In the outside world, the founder of Hu Lai game is almost a mystery. A few insiders know that he has a nickname called "flash", but do not know what. For he muffled fortune attitude, people only from online games early prospectors Chen Tianqiao Shi Yuzhu and others who find traces.

this is a total in the state of entrepreneurs "over the wall". Graduated from the University in 2001, Joe Wanli will enter the CAS system, third years of part-time business together with others. In 2008, Joe and his partner Huang Jian together for about one million yuan, was a little brother two times out. Overheard Americans are playing social games, considering that the game is profitable, he crashed into a completely unfamiliar industry. The first game "Hu Lai Hotel" in renren.com has become smaller, followed by "Hu Lai three" became a hit. But when making "Hu Lai three", Joe miles are actually not playing entry-level happy farm.

nouveau riche, so many people comment on him. Not to say yes or no Joe. "But you know, I’ve been here for 8 years. I have succeeded in resisting japan. Today I look at any entrepreneur, they have experienced the suffering, I have all experienced." Joe said to "entrepreneur". This is his first official told the media about their business and struggle, he gave Joe version >.