I, a mixed with network 80, not well-off family background, no high education. But I chose a very advanced industry, the initial contact is higher in 2 years ago, if I was in search of something, perhaps intentionally perhaps unintentionally, the mouse falls in a not so popular, but very attractive term "Wangzhuan", I have great curiosity to open up the site, thus began my Wangzhuan career.

just contact with most of my first Wangzhuan novice friends to do a free click, the results did not make money, as can be imagined, this time I began to hesitate to begin began to have some doubts, Wangzhuan, watching online into hundreds of thousand of advertising, so the temptation to spend 600 yuan to buy a set of CPA Wangzhuan in the tutorial, the so-called teachers, with their first site Wangzhuan career, (now know, that guy is a selling space, it is another story) as he learned the most is how to pass the space program, web page file replacement, and change the code to do some temptation but at that time because of their understanding, poor ability to finally return empty handed, so the first stage to pay 600 yuan.

has some experience above, began to recognize their shortcomings, so I began to learn the basic knowledge of Wangzhuan, in this process, I have the honor to meet a website to change my Wangzhuan fate, at the time known as the most promising Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial most of the Forum (Forum on Development) you learn how to do what is called CPA CPC. The window for me this novice can be said and on a higher level, to put this Wangzhuan industry, choose some suitable Wangzhuan, this stage first thing I do is CPA, I remember when I was using a loophole in Baidu. Baidu made about 300 ads every day, ha ha income every day in more than 100, first get the commission that excitement, don’t mention it, I am the first to buy their own clothes, and eat a meal Good is the celebration hey, but not too many good times don’t last long time, Baidu’s vulnerability to the block, once again in trouble, began to look for their own projects, but this life is not how good, looking for a few days can not find ah. A deep sigh, or say bad luck to drink water also Seya, this time to know a play every color agent, to say the s.s.c it is harmful, over lost 800 Oh 3 days, listen to what they said yesterday the money, not so much to do it all the problem or even to eat, there is a saying how to say, and a blind cat The path winds along mountain ridges. village, met the dead mouse, unexpectedly in 5 days to earn more than and 300, and saw the light, the rest of the plan is to pull people, busy awfully, money, oh happy ah but every color is not long on the occasion, after all, is playing the black color, after I think twice or give up every color, start third Wangzhuan counterattack, this time I spent 300 ocean built a formal Wangzhuan forum, did not think of is the site Just built service providers to audit >