Chinese people are very smart, but why do you like the original site to copy? In addition to the interface change, other places with the same site is repeated, or only with some of the functions of the site is repeated.

you look at China’s classified information network? The difference seems to be only ".Asp" ".Php" ".Html".

you look at China’s video sharing site?

you look at China’s blog?

you look at China’s forum?

you look… ..


comrades, you are usually very smart, start the site to the brain where to go? Why do you only know repetition! Repeat! Repeat?!

even VC know each of the top of the field, you are more stupid than VC?


The lowest level of


has a lot of people have done a lot of websites! For example, blog, podcast


minor low-level repeats:

repeat people have done a long time website! Such as forums, classification


low-level repetition:

repeat others can not do the site! For example,



normal repeat:

repeat the site that people are already running!


a web site, not just the site functions and institutions, but also includes the mode, technology, operations, you can repeat the function and structure of others, but you can never repeat the operation of others.


really successful webmaster, the heart has a blueprint, have a long-term planning.


you go with others, and finally can only be led by the nose, walking, others succeed, but you lost your way.


I don’t deduct a lot, but I encourage imitation. The starting point of imitation can not be the other side of the site, but your own thinking. Follow their own ideas to imitate the functions and features of other people’s Web site, slowly, present in front of you is a new site, a new route.


so, do, must be introverted, not outward! For your own users to consider it, do not look at what other people do what you fire


I agree with Tencent, it has its own thinking, combined with their own characteristics to imitate other people’s things, it is not random imitation.


I don’t agree with thousand oaks, a lot of things