I never feel more stupid than people, but on the Internet is really a lot of dull, others will ASP I will HTML others will PHP I will js

am 2 years, never thought of making money, but the fans are around to see a lot of money, I feel my heart itch, than they stupid, how can I not to earn money.

to find a cause, I made a blog, I study all day in the philosophy of life, the lack of common people, no gain before dinner. Everyday number of readers do not earn piety, steel beng. So in writing my blog at the same time, also secretly trying to learn Wangzhuan, pay 300 DD that day to earn one hundred of the plan, finally found a month did not earn one hundred, or to deceive users click on ads and so on. Give up this thing.

later someone told me that the site is need to flow, with the flow of advertising to make money, this time also know that Baidu is not a search, also can hang the promotion alliance, to know the greatness of Google is not in the search, still adsense. So hastily got a website (here do not write the URL, so as to be soft)

for advertising, waiting for a week of suffering, with a week of advertising, just know that a GG advertisement is so easy, after the thing is, I have to the essence of the propaganda in a little copper odor. With the former writers publicity to the cat898 to the end of the world to the other to promote my last article, a little bit of suspense in advertising. Fortunately no one criticized me. The daily way, although Google click less, just started less than $1, then $5, to 4, these are my hard-earned money, I know the meaning of money, is really the sweat blood to flow, but also face and mutual affection, as long as the understanding of the people, as long as it is people familiar with them, the first station, I recommend.

seems to have been over 2 months, the income of more than $200, strange, why not give me Google remittance. Still in the state of unpaid, I’m scared not light, that Google lied to us. Asked some webmaster to know the rules of Google, to fill in the tax information, tax is not to fill in time, in order to send money. This point than the formal alliance, you also pay attention to. In addition to pin code. The 10 day of waiting is longer than the 2 months. Money ah money, although not much, but my heart. Anxious. Chilling. It is the first pot of gold.

finally in a number of monitoring Undue delay may bring trouble., Western Union’s down. The bank did not go to work early in the morning went up to take the money…… This mood, I do not know if anyone touched. It is the first time in Wangzhuan, bank staff waiting anxiously, "your name spelling wrong……" This money is really hard to earn, Pinyin in the form of English, but not, the more careful, the more prone to error. Lucky to know admi>