An illiterate person is similar to a beast. This was a famous saying by the worlds great mathematicianPythagoras But who gives a man education What is the relation between the students and the teachers Earlierthere were gurukuls and the pupils had to stay with their guru for education Teachers are like our parents They are always given a high rankjust like parents Teachers are the best friends of a child They educate us and show us the right way to success They are the ones who teach us and encourage us to do the right thing They help us excel in many fields If we want to succeedwe would have to work hard and practise But practice without understanding is of no use Soour teachers are behind every happiness of ours It is a teacher who moulds us and converts us into a good human beingMaarisha Mohini UpadhyayVIII DCambridge SchoolIndirapuram The teacher is a guide and a student is a follower and the path shown by the teacher takes the student to success This relationship is one of trust and mutual understanding They both respect each other The students know why the teacher is sometimes harsh with them They acknowledge the fact that one has to work hard The teacher has to be patient and support their students and push them hard to bring out the best in them After the parentsit is the teacher who works in the interest of a child and works tirelessly to give their best to the child Students never forget their teachers; sometimes even a small remark from a teacher makes them aware of their goals in life Their relationship is very strong The students worship their teachers and think of them as god This wonderful never-ending relationship is a winewhich tastes sweeter and sweeter as it matures and ages Natasha SyalVIIThe Indian SchoolJosip Broz Tito Marg For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsEncourages and leads them, Truthfully that really doesn’t matter much in the film,but to those who love the book,40), Mamta (Haryana; 59:55.

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