2010 domestic micro-blog welcome to spring, micro-blog rose like mushrooms. 2011 micro-blog has become one of the most fiery application platform, and now the major portals are spending a lot of energy to operate their own micro-blog. The current micro-blog marketing are in the initial stage, there is a lot of room for development, if you can see this market, seize this opportunity, the next round of Internet boom will belong to you.

a, registered micro-blog account

is now the major portals have micro-blog, Sina and Tencent accounted for the largest advantage of user base has billions of dollars. Therefore, the choice of sina and Taobao micro-blog customer marketing opportunities is the largest Sina micro-blog must have, because he is synonymous with domestic micro-blog. Now also opened a new domain name weibo.com, this domain name can make other websites depressed. Tencent is necessary, because his activity is the best of all the micro-blog, micro-blog and QQ viscosity will let his stamina, so we must adhere to the Tencent micro-blog do.

registered account has two modes. One is to register a micro-blog account, and then the fans bigger and stronger, so extreme. Another is an account for only a few days of operation, the equivalent of a one-time account for a few days on the need, then change the same pattern, the same way, to the new account, continue! Method that we say now is the first way.

two, pay more attention to comments

micro-blog registered on the maintenance and maintenance of good. Micro-blog is the most direct communication platform. Pay more attention to the radio. So there will be more people to pay attention to you, listen to your radio, so that when you send radio advertising can have a lot of people to watch and listen, traffic and conversion rate will naturally improve. Share a skill, in commenting on the other people’s micro-blog, you can take some of the more subtle advertising, remember more @ other people, being commented and @ people will be prompted, 90% of people will click on the view!

three, sub period of the broadcast

micro-blog to promote the most important step is the release of the broadcast, broadcast good, in order to attract everyone’s attention, in order to Taobao shop to buy things to raise revenue. Every day about 10 micro-blog released in so many micro-blog may be mixed with a hidden advertising information. Note, do not suddenly send ten a micro-blog, some fans concerned less, will cause the scraper on his page, resentment will cancel the concern for you, to sub periods, such as the morning, afternoon, evening. There is not much advertising, control in a degree, such as the 10 radio is a radio ads, or in order to promote the marketing, trying to send a bunch of meaningless junk advertising to do marketing, so your fans will eventually cancel attention.

four, use of private letter and micro group

can be sent to your fans, and can directly send links, and 9>