Jinshan software in 1988 began to engage in the development and sales of software products, is one of the most well-known software companies, China’s leading application software products and Internet service providers. 2001 to enter the anti-virus software market, and successfully develop online and overseas markets.

the need for business development, we are now seeking the following staff Duba division.

position: web promotion

recruitment number: a

; responsible for network alliance data publication, monthly billing and other related work.

has the market sensitivity and certain management ability; the expression of

location: Beijing Haidian District City, North Fourth Ring Road No. 238

recruitment options:
who meet the above qualifications of personnel are eligible to participate in the registration. Applicants fill in the registration information must be true and accurate, such as false information, will be regarded as invalid. Interested parties please send your resume to [email protected], please wait for the call to inform the interview time.