know Wangzhuan after you before you start to do the project, you should have the following equipment:

1) – the basic registration of each project station need to be used (to activate the account, etc.), it is best to choose a commonly used mailbox, management is also convenient.

(2) site – not essential, it depends on the situation on the website need some advertising).

"view site related information"

3) online banking – for receivables, the commonly used network banks have the following:

1> a bank card online banking functions, recommend employment line, online employment line more, Alipay also use the real name authentication,

"ICBC electronic banking regulations"

electronic banking personal customer service agreement

"personal online banking transaction rules"

"electronic bank charges standard"


2> Alipay, basically domestic Wangzhuan is using it to the collection, fill in the information must be true, real name authentication finally, all Chinese operation is very simple.

"relevant information and charging rules"


3> Paypal network bank, Chinese comprehensive support now, foreign Wangzhuan usually use it to.

"relevant information and operation flow"


4> Alertpay network bank, all English foreign Wangzhuan interface, usually use it to.

"registration, certification, withdrawals – tutorial"


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