] September 19th news billion state power network, the day before, taobao.com announced the double 11, double 12 officially launched two activities. Taobao official said: 2014 double 11 is Ali’s double 11, Taobao will play an important role in."

it is reported that the double 11 and double will be used in the main, sub field activities in the form of 12. Taobao and Tmall will be strict requirements for the venue of the business and goods.

Taobao remind sellers to cherish the opportunity. Into the double 11 venue and outstanding performance of the seller, will have the opportunity to directly qualify for double 12." For the failure to enter the venue of the seller, Taobao will launch the appropriate tools and features, so that these sellers can participate.

in order to better communicate with the seller, Taobao will also be released online, the merchant GPS manual – and 11 pairs of double 12 sellers prepare manual. The seller can read through the manual to promote real-time dynamic, enrollment entrance, data query and feedback.

Taobao revealed that the double 11 and double play is closely planned in the 12. This year’s event, Taobao’s goal is to explore the advantages of Taobao’s products and services to meet the needs of consumers, Taobao sellers to help achieve greater transaction volume. Taobao will conduct large-scale online and offline publicity for two activities, the traffic will be very large."