this month 16 days, to win at the altar of the new website m ( officially launched, with the leading domestic domain registrar Chinese jointly launched the first "domain name story Essay contest. The contest has been carried out for a week, but the number of contributors is not more than 50, according to the analysis of the case, to May 15th ended when the call for entries is a 100, "China provided by 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan, the first prize may be obtained easily.

it is understood that the win in the altar also launched a new website m first domestic domain name characters archives, registered users can publish their own archives in the "domain name characters" channel, so far has Kobayashi, Xiamen scholar, and many other characters in the file name cable release.

win in the meter altar was successfully held in August 8, 2006 in Beijing, the first domain name auction, the auction industry leading position in the domestic domain name line. The new website, with "domain information exchange" as the theme, registrar, agents, business applications to the domain name and domain name investors to provide fair and open communication environment, to create one of the "domain celebrity" online media.