September 18th news, according to informed, the day before Shanghai Ishikawa Technology Co. Ltd. and the public comments jointly announced that the two sides reached a strategic cooperation.

through this cooperation, Ishikawa technology and public comment in the business data and business management systems and other aspects of cooperation. At the same time, the public comment will be a strategic stake in Ishikawa technology, investment in the proportion of the shareholding of the technology will be more than 10% of the Ishikawa. Ishikawa technology team revealed that this is the second round of financing since the establishment of the company.

general manager Ishikawa Xu Guangzheng said that the public comment on Ishikawa and the investment is carried out in the background of the rapid development of the mobile Internet, in addition to the investment agreement, the two sides also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, both sides will be complementary cooperation in resources and product level.

according to the agreement, the two sides will jointly open up data including menu, seamless public comment verification, reservation, booking, ordering, takeout, test coupons, CRM O2O closed loop service and Ishikawa technology related software products and management system.

For example, the public comment "

users in the group purchase consumer checkout, businesses can be directly in the system of Ishikawa science and technology input in the group purchase coupons verification code for public comment, the background will automatically verify and synchronize to the operating system’s statistical reports; moreover, users in the use of public comment on the APP reservation point, real-time query whether the restaurant seats can be booked in real time to complete the book, do not have to wait for SMS confirmation."

Jiang Yueping, vice president of public comment, said

, with the cooperation of science and technology of Ishikawa, so that the public comment can better connect online users and offline businesses. Users online shopping experience will be better, the management efficiency will be higher.