multi point Dmall twelve new breakthrough, becoming the new retail practitioner and one of the biggest dark horse, but also bring new opportunities for development of new retail sector.

Double Twelve period, with "more Dmall+ Wumart" as the benchmark new retail model made a brilliant record, multi point Dmall announced to the 12 to double again to refresh the record, the multi point Dmall online flagship fresh, launched the "1 yuan winter storage" and other promotions, many fresh products will be able to buy 1 dollars the real benefit to the user. In December 9th 20 at the end of the year ceremony officially opened, 1 cents, seckill panic buying, buy a gift and other activities are very rich, in order to double again.

in the multi point DmallCEO Lin Jie opinion, just a month’s time, the multi point Dmall can break through the double eleven tuotou rate 94.49% record at twelve, is highly complex line with strategic partners Wumart offline. Not only that, Lin Jie said, in order to service no discount, orders more than double Dmall – eleven more than doubled.

two battles continue to refresh the record

multi-point Dmall achieved today’s results is not an accident.

this year to eleven during the double, multi point Dmall from November 10th 20 points to open top Sheng Hui, as of 11 May 15, multi point Dmall orders tuotou rate has reached 94.49%, allowing users to enjoy the "double eleven day morning single morning delivery" high-quality shopping experience, in one fell swoop the new height electric services.

double eleven single volume than 6· 18 doubled." Lin Jie introduced in the eleven day, Beijing in addition to more than Dmall, there are no more than second can be served for 2 hours. In his view, to achieve this result is the result of a high degree of coordination on the line.

Multi point Dmall

was founded in April 1, 2015 is the integration of the whole channel retail platform an online and offline category covering fresh day 100 and other daily consumer goods, combining with local large super depth, with high quality and low price, 2 hour service quality service.

it is understood that in April last year, more than Dmall and Wumart reached a strategic partnership, combining with Wumart depth, multi link Dmall remodeling procurement, product management and so on, and the key force of the logistics and distribution, to provide goods fast delivery service, to ensure that users of online shopping experience seamless offline. Achieved within 3 rings in Beijing, a full coverage of the radius of the distribution of the radius of the order, you can achieve the quality of service for the last two hours.

an initial pattern of a situation of tripartite confrontationIn addition to the

Wumart as the representative of the traditional retail industry to actively try line retail, Internet giants have begun to admission, from the line to the next line of active layout. Recently, Sanjiang shopping because of cooperation with ALI