December 14th morning news, according to the "Wo Wo Group car lies fined thirty thousand responsible person suspected of fraud was arrested", Wo Wo Group official responded that the responsible person on behalf of several driving in the Wo Wo Group group purchase information release Humou has been arrested by public security organs, while Wo Wo Group has all for consumers to bear the loss, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars capital.

It is reported that

, the related driving single in January 30th in the Wo Wo Group group purchase ShangHai Railway Station, G group and group to fight network on-line, consumers pay 200 yuan in the group purchase website, you can enjoy 1200 yuan vouchers to driving, driving to pay 2600 yuan can enjoy driving service, but in some people enjoy driving service and get a driver’s license. After the party, Hu absconded with the money, to the consumer and the group purchase group station caused a loss.

by the industrial and commercial departments to verify, natural person Hu and no motor vehicle driver training related business license and qualification training, five steam driving, Wo Wo Group group purchase information mentioned in the Changan driving school, driving school has never been Honggang with Wo Wo Group and Hu Li to carry out any motor vehicle driver training related cooperation. Wo Wo Group by the Department of industry and Commerce shall be ordered to make corrections on suspicion of false propaganda, and fined 30 thousand yuan.

Wo Wo Group relevant responsible person said, as of now has nearly 150 people pay 2600 yuan, but not to the driving consumers to receive services for all losses, but also more than 300 Wo Wo Group only pay 200 yuan, not to the driving application consumers, Wo Wo Group has for consumers to apply for a refund.

Wo Wo Group said absconding after the incident, the company handling this event is: 1, for this group in Hu Department sent money to consumers, although Wo Wo Group has not received only 200 yuan in 2600, but Wo Wo Group launched the 2800 yuan Xianxingpeifu, consumers in the driving school activities to pay, on behalf of the merchant returned to the consumer first, reduce the loss of consumers, Wo Wo Group 2, let the participation of all consumer litigation rights transfer to Wo Wo Group, on behalf of all consumers by our legal liability business, 3, the case has been reported to the Changning economic investigation, the responsible person has been arrested, the police are waiting for.

ShangHai Railway Station Wo Wo Group city manager Gao Shixing said, almost all consumers and Wo Wo Group signed a statement, commissioned Wo Wo Group to the party Humou prosecution, legal responsibility. (Lin Ming)